20 Indoor Games for Rainy Days

games for rainy days

Rainy days can often leave us feeling bored and unable to enjoy ourselves. But don’t worry – we’ve rounded up a list of 20 great games for rainy days that will brighten up those rainy days! From classic board games like Monopoly, to improvisational theatre activities like Charades, to physical challenges such as Twister, there are fun things here for everyone. games for rainy days

20 Indoor Games for Rainy Days

1. Monopoly – The classic board game of wheeling and dealing that never gets old! You can purchase at your local craft store easily.

2. Charades – A great improvisational theatre activity in which one player gives clues to a word or phrase without speaking, while others guess what it is.

3. Scrabble – Test your vocabulary skills with this crossword-style game. games for rainy days

4. Apples to Apples – A silly, family-friendly party game in which players try to match up words and phrases with the same theme or meaning.

5. Jenga – Test your nerve and balance as you build a tower of wooden blocks!

6. Twister – A physical challenge game in which players must contort themselves around a spinner’s instructions.

7. Clue – Solve the mystery of who murdered Colonel Mustard in this classic detective game.

8. Uno – Match up colors and numbers while trying to get rid of all your cards first!

9. Chess – A classic strategy game that will keep your mind sharp and active.games for rainy days

10. Checkers – A simpler version of chess, with fewer moves but still plenty of challenge.

11. Backgammon – a board game involving luck and strategy as you try to move all your pieces around the board first.

12. Dominoes – Match up numbers and dots in this classic tile-laying game.

13. Cards Against Humanity – An irreverent party game that’s not for the faint of heart!

14. Would You Rather? – A great conversation starter, with players having to choose between two difficult options.

15. Pictionary – A classic drawing game in which players attempt to draw a given object and others guess what it is.

16. Trivial Pursuit – Test your knowledge of trivia with this popular board game!

17. Twenty Questions – A guessing game that can be adapted to any level of difficulty.

18. Hide and Seek – An old classic that can be adapted for any size of indoor space!

19. War – A simple card game that is so much fun to play with a group.

20. I Spy – Great for smaller children, this popular game involves one person trying to guess an object based on the clues given by the other players.


Dance Party – Forget the video games and have a living room dance party instead! Put on some upbeat music, grab your friends, and get moving! This is a great way to stay active and kids entertained even when it’s raining outside.

Scavenger Hunt – Get everyone involved in a scavenger hunt around the house! Each person can be given a list of items to find and whoever finds them all first wins. Make it more exciting by creating obstacle course.

So don’t let the rain ruin your day – pick one of these fun indoor activities and turn that frown upside down! And when you’re all done, you can go back to enjoying the sound of the rain outside with your own kids or whole family.

Games for Rainy Days: How To Make Everyone Cooporate?

Rainy days can sometimes bring out the worst in people, with the whole family wanting to stay inside and do something different. To make sure that everyone cooperates and agrees on an activity, we suggest having a family meeting before the rain begins. Have each person present some ideas for activities they think would be fun on a rainy day and then vote as a family on which one to play.

This ensures that everyone gets a say in what activity is chosen and helps avoid any arguments or disagreements later on. Finally, make sure that the game you choose can be played by everyone – no one likes to miss out!

Games for Rainy Days – Bottom Line

Rainy days don’t have to be boring – there are lots of fun indoor activities that you can do together as a family. From classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble, to physical challenges such as Twister and hide-and-seek, there’s something here for everyone! Just make sure that you agree on an activity before the rain starts and that everyone gets a chance to participate.

So don’t let the rain keep you cooped up inside – pick one of these fun indoor activities and make the most of your day! With these games, you’ll have so much fun together that you won’t even notice how wet it is outside. Enjoy!

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