What's the Law Now?

According to the current Zoning Ordinance, one can currently raise livestock and farm at home if:

" ... any livestock or poultry shall be kept in a building, structure or yard for the raising, housing or sale thereof which shall be located no less than one hundred (100) feet from any street or lot line; provided, further, that poultry shall not be allowed to roam at large." Read it in full

Arlington Egg Project's Proposal

"The ultimate objective of the Arlington Egg Project is the modification of Arlington County ordinances so residents can keep a limited number of backyard hens, while prohibiting roosters, and ensuring secure, proper, and humane enclosures for hens. Current zoning ordinance setback requirements preclude virtually all Arlington residents from keeping backyard hens." Egg-sperience their site for yourself

How Did We Get Here?

In March 2012, the County Board commissioned an Urban Agriculture Task Force to assess programs for promoting a healthy and sustainable food system in Arlington. Among the programs was the issue of backyard hens. However, given the evidence, would the backyard hens proposal truly live up to the Task Force's commitment to "values of personal health, social equity, and sustainability"?

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