Where to Put BBQ in Backyard? (5 Safety Tips)

Where to Put Bbq in Backyard

Want to know where to put bbq in backyard? Barbeques are a wonderful method to wow your pals with your culinary abilities, but aside from having a skilled cook on board, they also need the proper setting. The position you choose for your BBQ has an impact on the quality and productivity of your get-together, as well as several safety concerns.

If you’re not careful, combining fire with explosive materials, hot food, and crowds (possibly while intoxicated) is a recipe for disaster. Always check if there is a total fire ban in effect before making any plans that involve fires. So, where to put bbq in backyard?

Where to Put Bbq in Backyard

Where to Put Bbq in Backyard?

Here are five things to think about where to put bbq in backyard.

 Distance from the house

Where to put the bbq in backyard? Think of distance, outdoor furniture, away from enclosed spaces. You want to keep your BBQ a safe distance from your house, but you also don’t want a long walk back and forth to your counter space. Usually, most of the food preparation is done inside, so trips outside are necessary. If your grilling station is too far away from where you’re prepping the food, there’s a chance you’ll burn your steaks while racing back indoors for more sauce.

Be aware of your surroundings

Keep these things in mind when grilling: BBQs are open flames, so be careful of your surroundings and if it’s small spaces. For safety’s sake, keep a safe distance between the grill and your home. Set up the grill station as far away from the back door as possible, particularly if children are running in and out of the house. Also, be sure there is fire extinguisher nearby.

Always use flat, clean surfaces free of any potentially combustible debris such as garbage bins or mulch while grilling. Low-lying trees and hedges are also advised to be avoided. Make sure there aren’t any low-hanging branches near your BBQ that might hit it hard.

 Check which way the wind blows

While smoking is an important part of the outdoor BBQ experience, carbon monoxide also enters your hair, clothes, lungs and eyes, and while we may enjoy the scent of a char grill, it’s best to avoid breathing in. When fat is burned on an open flame or the hot charcoals, phosgene and other toxic chemicals are produced – regardless of whether you’re using a gas grill or charcoal grill.

Keep in mind that smoke from your BBQ will travel with the wind, so be considerate when you choose where to set up. Make sure the smoke isn’t blowing towards any windows, doors, balconies, or neighbours. You don’t want it bothering the chef, your guests, or anyone who happens to walk by.

Be safe, be seen

Have you ever been to a BBQ where you couldn’t see the chef? Yeah, it’s not ideal location, it’s fire risk. When you’re setting up your own grill area, be sure to think about views and sight lines. The person cooking should have a clear view of the house so they can see when people are coming outside, and people inside the house should be able to see the BBQ from all angles. Trust me, this will make everyone happier in the long run!

Sunshine and shade

Many people think of barbeques as strictly a summertime activity, but you can actually enjoy them year-round. Just be sure to place your grill and serving station in the shade if it’s already hot outside.

Trees provide the best natural shade because they ventilate quickly, but avoid putting your grill too close to low-hanging branches—they’re a fire hazard. Also, try to find a spot where the grill will be shaded for most of the day. When you have your BBQ in the shade, it’ll stay cooler longer. If you’re lucky enough to be incorporating your BBQ into the design of your garden, then add a shelter, task lighting to the setup. However, if you are building your BBQ into a shelter make sure there’s plenty of clearance between the structure and actual backyard grill itself.

Where to Put Bbq in Backyard: What is BBQ?

Charring and grilling food, especially meat, is a timeless method of cooking known as barbeque. Over the years, there has been a significant resurgence in Barbeque techniques and styles, however outdoor activities connected with Barbeque are always the same and where to put bbq in backyard should be a priority.

Where to Put Bbq in Backyard-Bottom Line

The bottom line is that when it comes to where to put bbq in backyard, the most important thing is safety when setting up outdoor kitchen. Be sure to keep a safe distance from your house and any other potential hazards. If you’re grilling in the summer heat, be sure to find a spot in the shade. And last but not least, make sure the chef has a clear view of the house and guests!

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