10 Upcycled Garden Planter Ideas for Sustainable Gardening

upcycled garden planter ideas

Are you looking for brilliant ideas to give your outdoor space a fresh spin while doing your bit for the environment? You’re in the right place! This bumper list of upcycled garden planter ideas is here to save you money, reduce waste, and transform your garden into a blooming haven of sustainability. So let’s jump right in and explore endless ways to repurpose and upcycle everyday household items into eye-catching planters that are sure to make your garden the talk of the town!

1. Wooden Pallet Planters

Pallet Planters

A perfect vessel for showcasing small plants, succulents, and herbs, wooden pallets breathe new life into your garden design. This eco-friendly option not only helps you create a vertical garden but also adds a rustic charm to your backyard patio.

To create your own wooden pallet planter, simply source a pallet from a local warehouse, disassemble it using a pry bar, and reassemble the wooden slats at different intervals for your plants to nestle in. Remember to sand the wood for a smooth finish and add a fresh coat of paint to match your garden’s color scheme. Finally, fill the gaps between the slats with potting soil, and you’re all set to plant your favorite flowers or herbs!

2. Old Tire Planters

Old tires are versatile repurposed garden containers that lend a quirky touch to your outdoor space. These upcycled planters are ideal for growing a variety of plants, from flowers to vegetables. The large planter space allows for deep root systems, making it perfect for healthy plant growth.

Paint the tires with bright, colorful paint to add a pop of color to your garden or keep the classic black for an industrial chic look. Stack them up or arrange them in a flower bed design, and fill them up with soil for an instant container garden that’s both fun and functional.

3. Rain Boot Planters

Got a pair of old boots lying around? Give them a second life as a charming boot planter for your garden gate or patio. This great idea for upcycled planters is perfect for adding a whimsical touch to your flower bed or herb garden.

To create a boot planter, start by drilling drainage holes in the soles, and fill them with soil or your preferred growing medium. Then simply plant your flowers, herbs, or other small plants, and watch them bloom. You can paint the boots with craft paint or add other fun embellishments for extra character.

4. Birdcage Planters

old tire Planters

Repurpose an old birdcage into a stunning hanging planter to adorn your backyard or patio. Not only do birdcage planters serve as decorative focal points, but they can also protect your plants from unwanted pests.

To create a birdcage planter, simply add a layer of soil to the bottom of the cage, followed by your flowers or plants. If your birdcage doesn’t have a built-in hook, you can easily attach it to a tree branch or board using sturdy wire or twine. This upcycled planter idea is perfect for housing delicate plants that need a little extra care.

5. Drawer Planters

Breathe new life into old furniture by repurposing drawers as upcycled planters. Drawers of varying sizes can be stacked or arranged in endless ways to create a unique container garden perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Begin by drilling drainage holes in the bottom of each drawer and sealing the wood with outdoor paint to protect it against the elements. Fill the drawers with potting soil and plant your favorite flowers, succulents, or herbs. Arrange the drawers in tiers, cascading styles, or other fun configurations for a one-of-a-kind garden display.

6. Cinder Block Planters

The humble cinder block can be upcycled into a minimalist planter ideal for herbs, succulents, or small plants. These repurposed planters provide a sturdy and weather-resistant alternative to terracotta pots and plastic containers.

Simply arrange the cinder blocks in your desired layout—in a straight line, clusters, or even a spiral—before filling the holes with soil and planting your greenery. For added visual appeal, consider painting the blocks with bright or pastel hues.

7. Tin Can Planters

Tin Can Planters

Empty paint cans and other metal containers can be transformed into upcycled planters with just a bit of creativity. Paint cans, for instance, offer a perfect size for housing small plants and can be easily hung from railings, trees, or fences to create a stunning vertical garden.

To make your tin can planter, first remove any labels and clean the inside thoroughly. Drill drainage holes in the bottom, and dress up the can with a fresh coat of paint or colorful craft paper. Fill with soil and your favorite flowers to give your garden a whimsical touch.

8. Wheelbarrow Planter

An old wheelbarrow is the perfect candidate for a repurposed planter. This large, movable container offers plenty of space for a beautiful flower arrangement or a small, portable vegetable garden.

Simply drill drainage holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow, and fill it with soil and plants. You can also give the wheelbarrow a fresh coat of paint or other decorative elements to suit your garden theme. Wheelbarrow planters make charming conversation pieces and allow you to easily transport your plant arrangement when needed.

9. Bathtub Planter

Unleash your creativity by turning an old bathtub into an eye-catching garden planter. Bathtubs offer plenty of planting space and can function as a stunning centerpiece in your garden or serve as a unique raised vegetable bed.

Start by drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the tub and adding a layer of gravel for improved drainage. Fill the remaining area with your preferred planting medium and get creative with your plant arrangement. Bathtubs can accommodate everything from a lush flower display to a simple but elegant bed of herbs or succulents.

10. Ladder Planters

Repurpose an old ladder as an upcycled vertical garden that can accommodate various pots, window boxes, or simply attach small planters directly to the ladder. Ladders offer a clever way to maximize vertical space and add a decorative element to your backyard or patio.

Simply lean the ladder against a wall or fence, and secure it with hooks or brackets for stability. Arrange your collection of upcycled planters on the ladder steps, creating a unique and space-saving display that showcases your favorite plants.

Final Thoughts: Upcycled Garden Planter Ideas

Upcycled garden planter ideas are limited only by your imagination. Whether you choose a simple tin can planter or a conversation-starting wheelbarrow arrangement—every upcycled planter idea is a step towards sustainable gardening and a greener environment. Get thrifty by scouring flea markets, thrift stores, and even your own home for materials that deserve a second life as repurposed planters.

Not only do you get to flex your creative muscles when you try these upcycled planter ideas, but you also create a garden that is eco-friendly, resourceful, and unique. A truly sustainable and beautiful garden—one upcycled planter at a time!

So don your gardening gloves, roll up your sleeves, and start breathing new life into your outdoor space. And don’t forget to share your own upcycled planter creations with your friends and fellow gardeners – spreading the green inspiration for all to enjoy!

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