Potted Plants That Attract Birds to Your Space

potted plants that attract birds

Are you a bird lover looking to attract a variety of feathered friends to your space? Look no further than potted plants that attract birds. By incorporating these plants into your garden or balcony, you can create an inviting environment for different bird species to visit, nest, and enjoy their time in your space. In this article, we will explore the benefits of potted plants that attract birds and provide you with a comprehensive list of the best plants to attract your favorite bird species.


Attracting Birds with Potted Plants

Creating a bird-friendly environment starts with selecting the right plants that will attract birds to your space. Potted plants are a convenient and flexible way to transform any area into a bird haven. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious garden, potted plants that attract birds can easily be incorporated into your space. Additionally, using potted plants allows you to move them around, providing an ever-changing landscape for birdwatching.

potted plants that attract birds
potted plants that attract birds

Ideal Potted Plants for Bird Attraction

1. Coral Bells (Heuchera spp.): These lovely plants with their colorful foliage and vibrant blooms attract hummingbirds. The showy flowers bloom in early summer, making it an excellent choice for attracting these small birds. Make sure to plant them in partial shade with well-drained soil.

2. Coneflowers (Echinacea spp.): A favorite among seed-eating birds, coneflowers provide both vibrant blooms and food for birds. Their purple or pink blooms appear in early spring and continue throughout the summer. Coneflowers also serve as nesting material sites for birds, providing them with materials for their nests.

3. Sunflowers (Helianthus spp.): Sunflowers are known for attracting many bird species, including small birds like finches and sparrows. Their large, bright flower heads produce a vast amount of seeds, which birds love to feed on. Additionally, sunflowers provide nesting sites for small birds to raise their young.

potted plants that attract birds
potted plants that attract birds

4. Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens): This climbing vine with its tubular shaped flowers attracts hummingbirds and insectivorous birds. Its nectar-rich flowers and thick foliage make it an excellent choice for attracting various bird species to your potted garden.

5. Rudbeckia (Rudbeckia spp.): Also known as black-eyed Susans, rudbeckias are loved by seed-eating birds such as finches and sparrows. These perennials bloom with bright yellow or reddish-orange flowers in late spring, providing a feast for birds. Their seed heads also serve as a food source for birds in late summer.

6. Dogwood (Cornus spp.): The deciduous shrubs of the cornus species not only provide beautiful blooms but also offer nesting materials and food for birds. In early fall, their red berries attract birds like yellow warblers and cedar waxwings. Plant them in well-drained soil in partial shade for best results.

7. Crabapple (Malus spp.): These small trees are a favorite among birds, especially blue jays. The vibrant pink or red blooms in early spring provide nectar for hummingbirds, while the fruit attracts a variety of bird species. Plant them in full sun for optimal flower production and fruit development.

Creating an Inviting Environment

To attract a wide variety of birds to your space, it’s important to not only select the right plants but also provide other essentials. Water sources such as bird baths or small fountains are crucial for birds to stay hydrated. Additionally, bird feeders with sunflower seeds or nectar feeders for hummingbirds can supplement their natural food sources. Offering nesting materials like twigs, leaves, and grass can also encourage birds to build their nests in your potted garden.

Potted Plants That Attract Birds to Your Space – Final Thoughts

By incorporating potted plants that attract birds into your space, you can create a haven for different bird species to visit and enjoy. From attracting hummingbirds with trumpet honeysuckle to providing nesting materials with coneflowers, there is a wide range of options to choose from. By selecting the right plants, providing food and water sources, and offering nesting materials, you can create an environment that not only benefits the birds but also provides you with endless joy through birdwatching. So, start container gardening and watch as your potted garden becomes a paradise for your feathered friends.

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