How Do You Attract Flying Squirrels?

How do you attract flying squirrels

Keep reading to learn our expert tips on how do you attract flying squirrels to your yard, including a step-by-step guide.

How Do You Attract Flying Squirrels? About Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels aren’t capable of flying despite their name; instead, they soar. They have a unique skin membrane called the patagium that runs the length of their front legs and their ankle on their rear legs. To keep them stable while gliding, they utilize their tail as a rudder. They have been tracked at travelling 150 feet in a downward glide.

The typical flying squirrel lives for six years in the wild, but can survive up to fifteen years when kept in captivity.

How do you attract flying squirrels

How Do You Attract Flying Squirrels? Where Flying Squirrels Live

The northern flying squirrels are one of two species of North American flying squirrels. If you reside in Canada, Alaska, North Carolina, Washington, or Utah, you could find this sort of squirrel in your garden.

If you want to figure out which type of flying squirrel is in your area, a good indicator is the types of trees they live in. Southern Flying Squirrels are found mainly in eastern parts of North America and the southern flying squirrel range extends from Canada all the way down to Florida. They have also been spotted as far south as Mexico. Meanwhile, NorthernFlying Squirrels’ ranges overlap with that of the Southern variety, but they tend to stick closer to coniferous – or evergreen – trees.

How Do You Attract Flying Squirrels? How to Identify Flying Squirrels

The most prominent difference between flying and non-flying squirrels is the size of their arms in relation to their body; parahelicopter-like. They colors among the variety range from gray to brown, with big, round eyes much like those seen in cartoons. Their average weight present day falls somewhere between two and ten ounces.

How Do You Attract Flying Squirrels?

If you believe you reside in an excellent position to view a flying squirrel, you’re halfway there. All that’s left is to figure out how to attract a flying squirrel into your garden.

Look for Signs

Whether you have or haven’t, you may already have flying squirrels gliding around outside your home at night. Begin by looking for indications that they’ve been there previously, and store this information for later. These are the locations where you’ll want to put food or nest boxes for them. Take notice if any cedar trees have bark removed and stuffed inside birdboxes; it’s a sign that you may have had this flying tourist.

Using Food to Attract Them

Flying squirrels are omnivores that will eat just about anything you offer them. They consume the same meals as land squirrels. From time to time, flying squirrels will devour bird eggs.

Place Feeders

Use a bird feeder or squirrel-specific feeder filled with the flying squirrels love food. Hang it where flying squirrels might frequent, based on what you noticed in step one.

Create Nest Boxes

The perfect home for a flying squirrel has enough space for them to nestle up and feel cozy. Most varieties of squirrels will be content in a bird box, as long as it meets certain dimensions. For the most accurate sizing, use a nest box that is at least 7×7″ on the bottom and at least 8-10″ in height. The entrance hole should be big enough to let either a Southern or Northern flying squirrel through; 1.25″ and 1.50” respectively.

How Do You Attract Flying Squirrels? Other Tips

Flying squirrels are less active during the winter months, although they aren’t technically nocturnal. Flying squirrels huddle together in groups within their nests to keep warm. When weather conditions become severe, flying squirrels will spend even more time in their nest.

Watch During the Right Time of Day

The only time you’re likely to see these animals is after dark, so plan your expedition accordingly. Remember that they are nocturnal and use appropriate lighting; too harsh or bright of a light will bother them. Covering your flashlight in red cellophane or using a spotlight with a red light bulb should do the trick.

Preserve Dead Trees

Although you may be inclined to cut down any dead trees in your yard, these could potentially be shelters for flying squirrels and other creatures. Unless these trees are putting your home or people at risk, it’s worth thinking about letting them stay.

How Do You Attract Flying Squirrels? Final Thoughts

By following the steps and advice above, you may be lucky enough watching flying squirrels glide since they are nocturnal. If you do get to experience squirrels to your backyard, consider yourself lucky because many people don’t get to!

You can now go outside and begin attracting flying squirrels to your yard so that they may nest there, eat some food, and be happy.

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