Active Outdoor Games for Encouraging Family Fitness: 7 Great Ideas

Active Outdoor Games for Encouraging Family Fitness

When it comes to creating fun activities for the entire family, nothing beats the combination of active outdoor games that bring out the competitive spirit and laughter while promoting physical fitness. Primarily, these outdoor games involve the participation of all family members and can be easily adjusted to the changing skills and abilities of both younger kids and grown-ups.

Introducing these active outdoor games for encouraging family fitness is a fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying quality time together. Whether you have an expansive outdoor space to play team sports or a small backyard for a classic game, these outdoor family games are sure to keep everyone moving and entertained. Here are seven active outdoor family games, delineated by a physical education teacher, that the family can enjoy together.

Active Outdoor Games for Encouraging Family Fitness

1. Catch & Throw Frisbee (Frisbee Golf/Disc Golf)

Girl in Black Dress Catching Flying Disc, Frisbee

This is a fun outdoor game that can be played in your own backyard or any outdoor space with minor arrangements. It’s a variant of disc golf. Each player takes turns throwing a frisbee towards a target (this could be a tree, a green cone, a stick, or even a soccer ball). You can bring out your competitive spirit in this game by keeping score and using math skills. Whoever reaches the target with fewer throws wins. A physical activity like this improves hand-eye coordination while providing enjoyment and fitness.

2. Backyard Obstacle Course

Building an obstacle course is another exciting outdoor family game that can be customized according to the playing area, participants’ ages, and difficulty level. The obstacle course can be set up using any materials available, like paper plates, cardboard squares, or any other markers. Starting from a starting line, each player must pass through a sequence of obstacles such as jumping jacks, hoops, bean bags, or a one-foot hop. It’s an interactive game that gets the kids moving and enhances physical strength and agility.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can range from a simple outdoor game comprising a few items to more complex versions incorporating clues and riddles to reach the next round. The game encourages exploration and outdoor family fun while improving problem-solving skills. This game can be formulated in such a way that it requires game pieces such as bean bags, paper plates, or a soccer ball to be found, further adding an exercise element.

4. Soccer

Soccer is one of the classic games for kids and adults alike that promotes physical activity. Split into two teams, where one team tries to get a soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal. Be it passing, kicking, or chasing the soccer ball, it’s a great game for instilling a love for team sports.

5. Tug of War

Tug of war is a classic game that needs minimum equipment, just a strong rope and a line drawn in the center of your playing area. Divide the family into two teams. The team that pulls the other team over the central line wins. It is a fun outdoor game that helps build upper body strength while fostering teamwork.

6. Kickball

Kickball, like soccer, involves two teams but uses different rules. One team runs the bases (made of paper plates or other markers), while the other team tries to prevent this by catching the kicked ball. Good team coordination is essential and encourages physical activity as well.

7. Hopscotch Fitness Version

hopscotch, steps, numbers

An innovative twist to traditional hopscotch, this fun outdoor game incorporates a fitness element to it. Instead of traditional squares, each box can represent a different physical exercise, like jumping jacks, squats, twists, etc. The idea remains the same, tossing a stone or marker, and completing the course, but adding exercises amps the fitness level.

Tips for a Fun and Successful Game Day

Family Playing Tug of War

Here are some suggestions to ensure safety and enjoyment during these family games:

  • Always start games with a proper warm-up and end with a cooling session.
  • Maintain a friendly environment that celebrates participation more than winning or losing.
  • Encourage children to take the lead in organizing and leading the games. It boosts their self-confidence and leadership skills.
  • Make sure the games are varied, taking into consideration each family member’s preferences and physical abilities.
  • Use the necessary protective gear for games like soccer or any other outdoor games that require it.

Embrace Outdoor Games as a Fun Learning Experience

Aside from the physical benefits derived from these outdoor family games, there’s a treasure trove of cognitive skills that your kids could develop while having fun. Simple games like Frisbee Golf/Disc Golf and Hopscotch Fitness Version can improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and strategic thinking. More structured games like Soccer or Kickball can instill teamwork, communication, and discipline.

Even the joyous chaos of a Scavenger Hunt can promote problem-solving skills and creativity. Thus, understanding the educational aspect of these activities can provide an additional layer of satisfaction and purpose. As they say, the family that plays together, learns together – creating a nurturing environment for both physical fitness and intellectual development.

Incorporating Outdoor Games into Regular Family Routine

People Playing Sack Race on Green Grass

Incorporating these active outdoor games into your family’s regular routine can be beneficial in several ways. Not only do these games promote physical fitness, but they also offer a break from our increasingly digital world. Swapping screen time for game time can help families connect on a deeper level, build stronger relationships, and create unforgettable memories. Additionally, exposure to nature and fresh air can have a therapeutic effect, helping to reduce stress and improve mental health. So challenge yourself and your family to make these games a consistent part of your lives. Your bodies, your relationships, and your memories will thank you.

Final Thoughts

Engaging in active outdoor games for encouraging family fitness not only enhances the health and wellness of family members but also strengthens the bond amongst them. It creates shared memories and moments filled with fun and laughter in a healthy, active way.

Regardless of the game you choose to play, the primary goal is to keep the entire family physically active and mentally alert. Whether it’s soaring a frisbee golf to a target, traversing a backyard obstacle course, or a heart-pumping game of soccer — the joy of being active together benefits the whole family’s health and well-being, making fitness an entertaining family affair.


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