8 Ideas for Overlooked Gardens: Create Privacy in Your Yard

overlooked gardens

A garden is the perfect outdoor space to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, a lack of privacy in your backyard can make it challenging to appreciate the serenity of your outdoor living room. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive backyard privacy ideas that can transform your overlooked garden into a private oasis. In this blog post, we will discuss eight creative ideas for overlooked gardens to create privacy in your yard, so you can enjoy your own space without worrying about prying eyes.

Idea #1: Plant Tall, Dense Hedges for Natural Screening

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One of the most effective and aesthetically pleasing ways to create privacy in your backyard is by planting tall, dense hedges. These plants not only provide a natural barrier between your property and the outside world, but they also add greenery and texture to your landscape. Some popular choices for privacy hedges include arborvitae, boxwood, and yew.

When creating your planting scheme, consider the growth rate and maintenance requirements of each species. Fast-growing plants may require more frequent trimming, while slower-growing varieties may take longer to provide the desired level of privacy. Additionally, keep in mind that evergreen shrubs and trees will offer year-round screening, while deciduous options may leave you exposed during the winter months.

Idea #2: Install a Garden Wall or Fence for Additional Screening

Another effective backyard privacy idea is to install a garden wall or fence. Wood fencing is a popular choice, as it offers a natural look that complements most outdoor spaces. However, there are many other options available, such as metal, vinyl, and stone walls. Each material has its own advantages and drawbacks, so be sure to research which option is best suited for your needs and budget.

When designing your garden wall or fence, consider the height and style that will best provide privacy while also enhancing the overall look of your outdoor space. For example, a lattice fence can allow for more light and air circulation while still obstructing your neighbor’s view. Alternatively, a solid wood or stone wall can create a more substantial barrier and add a sense of permanence to your landscape.

Idea #3: Use Trellises and Climbing Plants for a Vertical Garden


Trellises and climbing plants can be a beautiful and natural way to create privacy in your backyard. This option not only adds vertical interest to your garden but also helps to soften the appearance of walls and fences.

There are many climbing plants to choose from, such as jasmine, clematis, and ivy. When selecting a climbing plant for your trellis, consider factors such as growth rate, maintenance requirements, and seasonal changes in foliage. For example, deciduous vines will lose their leaves in the winter, while evergreen varieties will maintain their coverage year-round.

To install a trellis, secure it to a wall or fence and train your climbing plants to grow up and over it. As the plants mature, they will fill in the gaps and create a lush, green privacy screen.

Idea #4: Incorporate Pergolas and Gazebos for an Outdoor Room

Adding a pergola or gazebo to your garden not only creates a cozy nook for relaxation but also helps to define your outdoor living space and provide a sense of enclosure. These structures can be adorned with climbing plants, hanging baskets, or curtains to further enhance privacy and create a more intimate setting.

When designing your pergola or gazebo, consider the size and style that will best complement your existing landscape and meet your privacy needs. For example, you may opt for a small, open pergola for a quiet reading corner, or a larger, enclosed gazebo for a more substantial outdoor room.

Idea #5: Add Privacy Screens for a Quick and Budget-Friendly Solution

For a quick and inexpensive backyard privacy idea, consider using privacy screens. These can be made from a variety of materials, such as fabric, bamboo, or even repurposed pallets. Privacy screens are versatile and can be easily moved or repositioned as needed.

To create a DIY privacy screen, simply choose a material that suits your style and budget, and secure it to a frame or existing structure. For example, you can attach a fabric screen to a wooden frame for a simple yet effective solution, or use bamboo fencing to create a more natural and earthy look.

Idea #6: Utilize Outdoor Curtains for a Touch of Elegance

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Outdoor curtains can add elegance and sophistication to your patio, pergola, or gazebo, while also providing additional privacy. They can be easily opened and closed as needed, allowing you to control the level of privacy and sunlight in your outdoor space.

When selecting outdoor curtains, look for materials that are weather-resistant and easy to clean, such as polyester or acrylic. Additionally, consider installing a curtain rod or track system that can withstand outdoor elements and support the weight of your chosen fabric.

Idea #7: Create Living Walls for a Green and Eco-Friendly Option

Living walls, also known as green walls or vertical gardens, are an innovative and eco-friendly way to create privacy in your backyard. These structures consist of a variety of plants growing in a vertical arrangement, often supported by a modular panel system.

There are many benefits to living walls, including improved air quality, reduced noise pollution, and increased biodiversity. Plus, they make for a stunning visual feature in any outdoor space.

When designing a living wall, consider factors such as light exposure, climate, and plant preferences. You may choose to incorporate a mix of foliage, flowers, and even edible plants, depending on your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Idea #8: Use Water Features to Create a Noise Barrier

A well-placed water feature can not only add a soothing ambiance to your garden but also help to mask unwanted noise from neighbors or nearby traffic. The sound of running water can be surprisingly effective at drowning out other sounds, making your outdoor space feel more private and peaceful.

There are many types of water features to consider, such as fountains, ponds, or waterfalls. When selecting a water feature, consider the size, style, and materials that will best complement your existing landscape and provide the desired level of noise reduction.

Conclusion: Ideas for Overlooked Gardens

Creating privacy in your overlooked garden doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little creativity and planning, you can transform your outdoor space into a secluded haven where you can relax and enjoy nature without worrying about the outside world. Whether you opt for a lush hedge, a stylish fence, or a cozy pergola, these backyard privacy ideas will help you make the most of your outdoor living room and enjoy your own space in peace.

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