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The Question:

Should Arlington residents be able to raise chickens in their backyards for producing home-grown eggs?

The Arlington Egg Project is pushing to change rules so that we can do just that. But are backyard chickens desirable? Is this actually a sustainable practice? Is it healthy? You can read more here about why we should prevent our backyards from becoming barnyards.

A Tale of Two Counties

The Arlington That Is

  • Access to sustainable and organic eggs through three weekly farmers markets
  • An urban environment with minimal animal waste
  • No innovative vectors for the spread of salmonella
  • No need for enforcement staff or budget to monitor hens
Read more about Arlington's current policy

The Arlington That Could Be

  • Excess animal waste runoff into the local environment
  • Need to transport unsustainable amount of chicken feed
  • Increased risk of salmonella exposure
  • Explosion of pest population, including both insects and rats
  • The smell! Oh, god, the smell!
Read more about the perils of backyard hens
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